Dental Consultation

During a dental consultation at Shrey Dental, our dentist will give you a full oral assessment to establish your oral health and recommend the best treatments for your mouth if needed.

During the oral assessment we look at:
  • Current fillings, crowns and veneers (restorations)
  • Any missing teeth and any signs of decay
  • Signs of tooth wear or signs of faulty brushing habits
  • Appearance and colour of the teeth in the smile line
  • The way you bite
  • The health of your gums and surrounding bone around each tooth
  • Your tongue, throat, cheeks and lips
  • Your jaw muscles and jaw joint
Dental x-rays will be taken to look for:
  • Any hard tissue changes in your bone that supports the teeth
  • All of your teeth from the crown to the bottom of the root (checking for abscesses, impacted wisdom tooth positions or ill-fitting restorations)
  • Decay inside the tooth or between the teeth
  • Abscess or cysts on the roots of your teeth
  • Root positions
  • Changes in your jaw joint
  • Demonstrates extent of caries and damage done by caries to tooth
  • Missing and broken down teeth
Dental Photographs will be clicked for:
  • Patient Understanding and Consulting
  • To understand physical defects and decay of tooth and color of Tooth and Gums
  • To understand and create case study of before and after pictures of Dental Treatment
  • To archive patient pictures for future studies and reference
  • To demonstrate Plaque and tartar on tooth surface which is harmful to gums

Once your oral assessment is finished, we will then recommend treatment options to you, including all the benefits and risks of each procedure and the costs, in a dental plan. This will allow you to decide what is best for your long term dental health.

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