Our Services

  • Orthodontics
  • Dental Implants
  • Fixed teeth with warranty
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Treatment of Gums by Laser
  • Implant supported Dentures
  • Robotic Microscopic Root Canal Treatment with Warranty
  • Teeth Cleaning and Polishing
  • Extraction of Teeth
  • Tooth Coloured Filling
  • Dental Diamonds
  • Cast partial Dentures
  • Precision attachment
  • Space Maintainer
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Veneers
  • White / brown spot correction
  • Fractured tooth correction


Dr. Shrey Italia is a goverment dental college Ahmedabad passed out orthodontist of east Ahmedabad. Dr. Shrey is the professor of orthodontics at Ahmedabad dental college and has been serving state of the art orthodontic treatment to the community since last 12 years.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime.

Orthodontic treatment we do:
  • Self-ligating ceramic and metal braces (Made in U.S.A.)
  • American ceramic and metal braces (Made in U.S.A.)
  • Invisible aligners
  • Surgical orthodontics



Dental Implants

Shrey Dental is well maintained implantology centre since 2004. We are specialized in advance implantology and bone regenerative procedures. We are equipped with world class European brand implant motor with optic source for better visibility and precision and use flapless and sutureless technique for implant placement for better patient comfort.

Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth and because they are designed to fuse with bone, they become permanent.

Implant systems that we use:
  • Nobel biocare
  • Osstem
  • Mis
  • Uniti
  • Myriad
  • Anthogyr
  • Biohorizon
  • Adin
  • And many more...



Fixed teeth with warranty

We use world class Japanese crown cutting while doing treatment of fixing the teeth.

We use German automatic A silicon / Polyether impression material mixer - pentamix 2 3M for hygiene and accurate impression for cad cam, dals and zirconia crown.

    For fixing teeth we use:

  • Zirconia
  • E- max
  • Ultra - T
  • DMLS
  • Bruxzir
  • Lava 3M



Fixed Dental Bridges

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. At Shrey Dental, professional tooth whitening is done in the most effective way and your teeth can literally brighten up in about an hour’s time.





Treatment of Gums by Laser

  • We use diode dental laser to treat periodontal disease. This method is used for gingivectomy, gingival depigmentation, pocket sterilization, implant recovery and promotes the healthy and fast regeneration of the gum tissue.

Treatment of black gums



Implant supported Dentures

  • An implant supported denture is a type of overdenture that is supported by and attached to implants.
  • These dentures are usually made for the lower jaw since regular dentures tend to be less stable there. However, you can receive implant supported dentures in either the upper or lower jaw, depending on your situation.


  • Implant retained dentures are much more stable than regular dentures. They provide you with self-confidence and a much better quality of life.
  • Another added benefit is that you will find it easier to speak and you will be able to eat foods you could not eat before.
  • The procedure is typically fast, simple and virtually pain free. Denture implants offer a long lasting solution, most likely for life. The cost and time frame to complete the implant depends on many factors.
  • Your consultation with ShreyDental will allow you to receive all the information you need to make a sound decision about implant supported dentures.

Robotic Microscopic Root Canal Treatment with Warranty

With the latest technology and innovation, we offer combined expertise in performing root canals.

We use J Morita rotary module with world class apex locator Dentaport ZX and diode dental laser for root canal sterilization for highly precise root canals in just 30 minutes.

With the use of microsupes disposable files, our root canals not only lasts longer but prevents any cross infection and have far less problems in the future.

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Teeth cleanings are essential not just for clean teeth, but a healthy mind and body as well. At Shrey Dental, we use special instruments to gently remove deposits without harming your teeth or gums. We use European brand optic scalers and German Airpolishers in order to get highly polished teeth surface.

Extraction of Teeth

We use luxators to extract teeth and it is least traumatic extraction as it doesn’t require any cutting or sutures.

Tooth Coloured Filling

Composite fillings are also called plastic or white fillings. We use world’s best European and Japanese brand composites for filling. All fillings are tooth coloured, carefully selected to match the original shade and shape of the tooth.

Dental Diamonds

Teeth Jewelry - ...forget tattoos and piercing! A new craze is sweeping across the India, that will make you shine like a star... To really be glamourous, tantalize your teeth with top-quality tooth jewelry from ShreyDental.

Cast partial Dentures

  • Cast partial dentures are for old age group patients for multiple tooth missing situtation. It can be removed and fixed by the patients itself.
  • Removable Partial Dentures with cast metal frameworks offer numerous advantages over the conventional partial dentures commonly used. The frameworks of these dentures are cast to fit the teeth.
  • Since they sit on the teeth, as well as being attached to them, they are extremely stable and retentive.
  • The teeth have to be altered slightly beforehand in order that the partial denture can rest upon them without interfering with the way the patient bites the teeth together.

Precision attachment

precision attachments are the functional mechanical parts of the removable partial denture made of plastic, metal or a combination of both. They consist of two parts referred as the 'male' part that is fixed to a crown inside the patient's mouth and a 'female' part which holds the partial denture. The patient can insert and remove the partial dentures and the aim of the precision attachment is to give the patient maximum comfort and ease while wearing, inserting or removing.

Space Maintainer

  • A space maintainer is an appliance that is custom-made by a dentist or orthodontist in acrylic or metal material. It can be either removable or cemented in a child's mouth.
  • Its purpose is to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride therapy is the delivery of fluoride to the teeth, topically or systemically, to protect them from dental caries (cavities). Strictly speaking, fluoride therapy repairs rather than prevents damage to the teeth, causing the mineral fluorapatite to be incorporated into damaged tooth enamel. Fluorapatite is not a natural component of human teeth, although it is found in the teeth of sharks.

Fluoride enhances and modifies the restoration of the mineral content of the teeth, and counteracts the breakdown of the teeth from lactic acid producing bacteria. The purpose of tooth-brushing is twofold: to mechanically remove plaque, and also to apply fluoride to the tooth surface, promoting re-mineralisation with Fluor apatite.


Veneers can improve the colour, shape and position of your teeth. A precise shade of porcelain can be chosen to give the right colour to improve a single discolored tooth or to lighten your front teeth. A veneer can make a chipped tooth look whole again. Veneers make teeth look natural and healthy.



White / brown spot correction

  • White spots represent the first stage of a cavity. Specifically, white spots are areas of hypomineralization on teeth—areas on the enamel surface that has lost its hard minerals.
  • A white spot forms when acid begins to dissolve the mineralized surface of a tooth.
  • As acid attacks a tooth, thousands of small holes are created in the tooth’s enamel. These small holes give the tooth a chalky-white appearance that is characteristic of a “white spot.”



Fractured tooth correction

  • There are many different types of fractured teeth. fractured teeth show a variety of symptoms, including erratic pain when chewing, possibly with release of biting pressure, or pain when your tooth is exposed to temperature extremes. In many cases, the pain may come and go, and your dentist may have difficulty locating which tooth is causing the discomfort.
  • If you are experiencing these dental symptoms or suspect a fractured tooth, visit our clinic for expert consultancy , we specializes in saving fractured teeth.



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